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USA Flag

Proper Care of your flag can extend the life of your flag. A few general tips and rules will help your extend the life of your flag:

Keep it Clean. Dirt and population not only dull the colors in your flag but they damage the fabric itself, shortening the life of the flag. See below for instructions on how to wash you flag

Keep it Hemmed. Remove your flag at the first signs of fraying. The fly end of the flag is very susceptible to loose threads and fraying. Flags, especially large flags, can easily be by removing the frayed end and re-sewing it. You can do this a few time until the look of your flag is greatly affected. A local seamstress or dry cleaner should be able to re-hem you flag quickly and cheaply.

Keep it Dry. Never store a wet flag. Moisture can cause you flag to mold and colors may migrate.

Keep it Safe. Always take down your flag in adverse weather conditions. Wind, rain and snow will damage your flag. Remember a flag is fabric not metal, if you treat it with care and caution it will last a lot longer.

Washing Your Flag

Indoor US Embroidered Flags

Indoor flags should be spot cleaned as necessary. If you flag is a bit dusty can you vacuum it with the upholstery attached on the hose. Flags with fringe shouldn’t washed.

Outdoor US Embroidered Flags

Outdoor US Embroidered Flags should not be washed. The colors may bleed and the embroidery may snag or fray. You can spot clean the flag with a damp white towel and a gentle cleaner. If you flag needs more than a quick spot clean, many dry cleaners will clean your flag for free or at a reduced charge.

General Notes for All Fabrics

Always check for color fastness before you wash your flag. Wet a small area on the corner of the flag. You can spray it with a spray bottle or dip it in a sink full of water. Allow the wet flag to sit for a few minutes. Take a clean white towel and lightly blot the damp section of the flag. If any colors transfer to the towel the flag is not color safe and should not be washed. Flags with fringe should not be washed. Washing may damage the fringe. Try spot cleaning your flag with a damp cloth and a mild detergent. If your fringed flag need more than spot cleaning we suggest visiting a reputable dry cleaner for a consolation. Plated grommets may rust, long term exposure to water should be avoided. We do not recommend washing flags with plated grommets. To test if your grommets are plated, place a magnet over the grommet. Plated grommets are plated steel and will be magnetic. Brass grommets are not magnetic and will not react to the magnet.

All flags and banner should be hung to dry immediately. Never fold or store a damp flag. A damn flag’s colors may run and it may start to mold. Banners should be rolled for storing. Folding will create creases and may damage the print. Wrinkled flag can be ironed but most wrinkles will fall out shortly after the flag is hung on a flag pole. Banners should not be iron. The best way to remove wrinkles is hand your banner up, make sure the banner is hung tautly. Please remember that these are suggestions and guidelines. AGAS is not responsible for damage incurred by washing, dry cleaning or ironing your flag. All maintenance is done at the customers own risk.